Lunch Program

NCA offers a modified catered lunch program. Our cafeteria staff offers a hot meal option three days a week. Students have the option of Pizza Hut pizza one day a week and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches or nuggets the other day of the week. All meals include milk for elementary, and a choice of milk/tea/lemonade for middle and high school. Microwaves are also available to students.

Lunch is ordered online through the student’s Sycamore Education account. Payment is made through a PayPal account or by check. Students may order a full lunch or opt for à la carte  items.

Middle and high school students also have a designated break time in the morning. Students may bring a snack from home or they may purchase breakfast items and snacks from an à la carte menu.

Students in 3rd – 5th grade have the opportunity to purchase limited snack items during lunch. Additional money, called Lions Bucks must be applied to the student account for these purchases.