Fine Arts


Elementary Chorus

The Elementary music program provides students the opportunity to develop their musical gifts. K5 – 4th grade participate in general music classes and Elementary Chorus. Concerts provide students with the opportunity to perform in front of others as well as minister to the audience through music.

5th Grade Band

This is an introductory instrumental class that meets three times a week. Students learn to play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or trombone. Fifth Grade Band performs at the Christmas and spring concerts.

Elementary Art

The Art classes at NCA are designed to help develop and broaden students’ critical and creative thinking skills, their appreciation for the visual arts along with a biblical perspective concerning art and its place within God’s creation. Through fun lessons and activities the instruction will seek to increase students’ proficiency in a variety of visual art techniques and processes. Throughout the year we will explore how the elements of art can be found into our own artwork. Some of the things we will create include line drawings, self portraits, watercolor paintings, drawing with oil pastels and weaving. Technology is also integrated into our activities including Powerpoint slide shows of famous artists, and virtual field trips to museums around the world. Within each grade level teaching methodologies will be adapted to meet individual student needs in order to provide the best opportunities for learning.

As part of the unit for fourth grade history, the students will explore the art history of North Carolina. Students will learn about the types of art that are indigenous to our beautiful state. Some of our lessons will include mountain face pottery and basket weaving.


Middle School

Middle School Chorus

This choir provides the opportunity for middle school students to participate in a choral setting designed to accommodate and challenge the changing voice of this age group. Performance opportunities include the Fine Arts Festival, Christmas concert, and Spring concert.

Concert Band

Middle school instrumental students have the opportunity to join with the high school to participate in the Concert Band. Performances opportunities include the Christmas and Spring concerts.


High School

Concert Band

Instrumental students have the opportunity to participate in the Concert Band. Performances opportunities include the Christmas and Spring concerts.

High School Chorus

The High School Chorus focuses on building vocal technique, note reading, and ear training. This group performs several times throughout the year: Christmas and Spring concerts, worship services at area churches, school chapel services, sporting events, and the ACSI Music Festival. Additionally, the chorus has the opportunity to participate in the National Christian Schools Chorale that performs at Carnegie Hall bi-annually.

Ladies Ensemble

The Ladies Ensemble is an audition only group for the student who has developed control of her voice, has strong music reading skills, and desires to be challenged musically. The ensemble performs at school events, annual concerts, and competition.

High School Art

In the high school program students will be offered the opportunity to explore various visual art forms and techniques in an introductory level course through the elements and principles of art. Students will explore different approaches to drawing and painting while applying the elements and principles of design to develop skills and sensitivity to line, shape, color, value, texture and composition. Students will be introduced to a variety of media, having the opportunity to work with each of them.