High School

At the high school level, NCA prepares students for the university experience by expanding the student’s knowledge and abilities through challenging classes, participation in fine arts, championship athletic programs, and other extracurricular activities.

Our program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to establish an academic record that enables them to attend the college of their choice. In addition to a wide variety of basic courses and electives, NCA offers students the opportunity to participate in art, band, chorus, drama, and athletics.

We are committed to offering young people a source of truth, strength, and vision for living in today’s changing world. The key to our program is balance – guiding each student as they search to find this important balance between the spiritual, academic, and social elements of their lives.

At NCA, a student will not be lost in the crowd. Small classes ensure special attention to each student as an individual. While expectations are high, there is an atmosphere of encouragement and an environment of challenge.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of each student’s life and are excited about what God is doing at NCA.

Course of Study

All students entering 9th grade begin a college preparatory program designed to meet/exceed all University of North Carolina system college entrance requirements.

High School Course of Study

BIBLE 4 credits required
Connecting With God- New Testament Survey
Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption
Understanding the Times

ENGLISH 4 credits required
English I or Honors English I
English II or Honors English II
English III orAP English – Language
English IV orAP English – Literature

FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 credits required
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III

COMMUNITY SERVICE 50 hours required
Grade 9 – 5 hours
Grade 10 – 10 hours
Grade 11 – 15 hours
Grade 12 – 20 hours

SOCIAL STUDIES 4 credits required
World History or Honors World History
Civics and Economics
US History I
CP Psychology and AP Psychology

MATHEMATICS  4 credits required
Algebra I or Honors Geometry
Geometry or Honors Algebra II
Algebra II or Honors Pre-Calculus
Pre-Calculus, Adv. Functions & Modeling or AP Calculus AB/BC

SCIENCE  4 credits required
Biology or Honors Biology
Chemistry or Honors Chemistry
Environmental Science
AP Biology or AP Chemistry
Honors Anatomy & Physiology

PE / HEALTH 1 credit required

ELECTIVES  2 credits required
AP Lab
Chess Club
Event Planning
Ladies Ensemble
Home Economics
SAT Prep.
Teacher’s Aide

25 Total Credits required

Community Service

Every NCA student has the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of serving others and sharing the love of Christ. NCA partners with Mission Raleigh to assist in community outreach that includes after-school tutoring in a neighborhood apartment complex and collecting food/supplies for the Mission Raleigh pantry.