Admissions Process

1: Schedule a Tour

Call or email to schedule a tour of the school.
Please note: We do not accept local transfers in their Junior or Senior year.

Phone:  (919)844-6496
Email: Click Here

2: Submit Application

  • Student Application (click here)
  • Submit the following information to the school office:
  • All forms in application packet
  • Most recent report card
  • Current achievement test scores
  • Non-refundable registration fee

3: Pre-enrollment testing

The appropriate principal will contact you if pre-enrollment grade level testing is needed.

4: Interview

Part of the application for admission includes a student interview. This interview will provide the student, parent and principal an opportunity to ensure that NCA is the right fit.

5: Notification of Admission

You will be notified of your admission status after all requirements have been met.

  • Successful Admission– student has successfully completed all aspects of admission and is enrolled for attendance at NCA. All students are accepted on a nine-week academic and disciplinary probation. Teachers and administration will monitor student performance.
  • Denial of Admission– student’s past academic, behavioral, emotional, or attendance patterns prevent admission to NCA.