Middle School

Middle school is an important time of growth and development in the life of a young person. The middle school administration, faculty, and staff at NCA understand how crucial this time is during a student’s life and the tremendous transition that is taking place from a child to that of a young adult. As such, the middle school program is designed around the desire to help each student grow just as the Lord grew in Luke 2:52.

Our goal as a middle school is to provide a caring and nurturing environment that partners with parents in preparing children for the challenges and responsibilities that they will face in high school. As part of the daily instruction, Biblical truths are incorporated into all facets of the curriculum, with the emphasis being on real life application.

Curriculum Overview

The Middle School curriculum builds on what is learned in elementary school and prepares the students for courses in High School. Reading skills, including interpretation and analysis is stressed. Critical thinking skills and reasoning is emphasized in all subject areas.

In order to better meet the needs of the students, those who have a sixth grade year end average of 90 or higher are placed in the Honors Math Track in seventh grade. If that average is maintained, then as an eighth grader,they are enrolled in Honors Algebra I. In the other subject areas, the teachers strive to meet each student’s individual needs.

Sixth Grade

Bible: Bible Truths:Redemption: God’s Grand Design
Math: Middle School Math: 1
English: English 6: Grammar and Writing
Spelling 6: As Full as the World
History: Heritage Studies 6
Science: Science 6

Seventh Grade

Bible: Bible Truths: Life of Christ
Math: Middle School Math: 2 or Honors Pre-Algebra 7
English: Writing and Grammar 7 or Honors English
Vocab A: Explorations in Literature
History: World Studies or Honors History
Science: Life Science for Christian Schools

Eighth Grade

Bible: Bible Truths:Portraits from the Old Testament
Math: Pre-Algebra 8 or Honors Algebra I
English: Writing and Grammar 8
Vocab B: Excursions in Literature
History: The American Republic
Science: Earth Science

Enrichment Classes

Technology Lab
Eighth Grade Mentoring

Curriculum is by BJU Press, except for math, which is Holt McDougal.